Top tips for fighting fleas

Fleas can contain tapeworm eggs, so when an itchy pet licks or knibbles on themselves and inevitably eats the odd flea will then become infected with tapeworm. So it would a good idea to worm your pet if they haven’t had a worm treatment in the last three months.

There are lots of treatment options to keep fleas at bay, and Pet Doctors Flagstaff can best advise what will suit your pet. There are easy to apply topical flea treatments, applied monthly or longer acting 3 month flea treatments. For cats there is a treatment to cover fleas and worms in one easy application. There are tasty chewable flea treatments available for dogs in either monthly or three monthly options

Top tips:

  • Treat all year round with an effective veterinary product
  • Treat to the correct size of your pet
  • Treat all the pets in the house

Check with your vet clinic which products best suits your pet.